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    Strategic Intervention 1:30h + Technical Intervention 2:00 - Fuzzy Marketing

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    Are you tired of giving up your deserved margin, which Google and Meta plunder from you every day, forcing you to give up other investments or company benefits?

    90% of the blame for why you are spending a lot of money on ads, with very low ROI (Return on Investment) is due to the strategy (or Funnel) you are applying on your project.

    Even if you don't advertise, know that to achieve excellent results your next step will be to invest in advertising campaigns.

    If you are using strategies like TOFU-MOFU-BOFU or believe that your greatest success depends on the "technicalities" of advertising platforms, know that your project is skidding and will soon hit a wall.

    There are several reasons why this will happen, in this call you will understand it well thanks to one of our Strategic Directors who will accompany you in this hour and a half.

    Here's what you'll get with this consultation:

    1. Analysis of your current strategy; our Strategic Director, thanks to his +5 years of experience in marketing, will carefully examine your sales strategy, looking for the bottleneck to remove it and take flight.
    2. Ideation and development of new strategies; We will work closely with you to find an effective strategy. Through our experience you will emerge from this consultancy with a new strategy, ready to attack the market.
    3. Review of your current advertising campaigns: And we will review your current advertising campaigns and make the necessary changes to improve their performance.

    Duration: 1 hour and a half.

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