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    Direct Response eCom - Start maximizing the margin of your online project

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    • You have an eCommerce business that you can't make it grow unless you spend more than you take in.
    • Do you have in mind or are starting to evaluate an online project as a business alternative.
    • You would like to know the mental mechanisms behind 100% of people before making a purchase.
    • You feel that you can improve your strategic skills to take your business to the next level.
    • You're tired of giving money away to Google and Meta and would like to understand how to keep it in your wallet.

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    Would you like to join the 0.0001% of online projects that manage to obtain envied results, avoiding unnecessary waste of money and MARGINATING LIKE ALMOST NO ONE MANAGES?

    The online sector and in particular the eCommerce sector in 2024 has transformed into a money-giving machine for the top companies that sell advertising, in particular Google and Meta.
    Gabriele, tired of having to give away so much money to these portals, struggled for years to find a method that would allow his projects to fly and obtain margins despite the huge expenses related to online projects.
    In this book you will discover the certified method to achieve this too.


    Every day, thousands of people decide to embark on the online entrepreneurial journey.
    Some are driven by the excitement of a new idea, others by the need to adapt to an ever-changing market. Regardless of the motivation, they all collide with the same reality: navigating the vast ocean of eCommerce and online marketing is a tortuous path, filled with challenges and uncertainties.

    Through this book you will discover an infallible method to avoid giving away money to top player companies that sell advertising, exploiting their mechanisms in your favor, to take your project to the stars.

    Enjoy the reading!

    ​​​​​​​The author:

    Gabriele Della Croce, his first memories in life are those of wanting to embark on an entrepreneurial career, with the idea of ​​opening a pizzeria or bakery.
    This innate passion for business, and for the ability to amalgamate ideas and people, has marked his entire life.
    From his years as a volunteer waiter during local festivals to sales on the bus returning from school, Gabriele has always tried to carry on his entrepreneurial spirit.

    Between the ages of 18 and 28, not all of his projects found their way to success. However, these obstacles offered him valuable lessons, making subsequent triumphs all the sweeter.
    He has founded several businesses in the digital world, including Fuzzy Marketing. Here, together with his partners and his team, Gabriele helps companies launch successful projects online, obtaining results that have also attracted the attention of the main newspapers in the sector.

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